The six Academic Areas within the Busch School of Business offer demanding and stimulating degree programs that apply advanced knowledge of business to real-world challenges.

Every area of study emphasizes both technical skills and commitment to nurturing human dignity, enhancing solidarity, enabling subsidiarity, and benefiting the common good. It’s an innovative and exciting approach that infuses the principles of Catholic social doctrine in the entire curriculum, and one that many business leaders are now seeing as a very effective business strategy.

  • Accounting class


    Designed to prepare students for a career in the public accounting profession, private industry, government, and the nonprofit sector, as well as providing the basis for the CPA.

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  • Entrepreneurship class


    We help students start their own micro-businesses, offer them exposure to rapid-growth, scalable companies, and facilitate regular contact with successful entrepreneurs.

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  • Finance students on Wall Street trip


    In our Finance academic area, students learn that good stewardship of financial resources requires both in-depth understanding of investments and awareness of the impact of fiscal decisions on individuals and society.

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  • International business professor

    International Business

    Faculty in the International Business area help to prepare students to succeed in the global marketplace with a vision that is focused on expanding international opportunities to benefit businesses and people.

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  • Management class

    Strategy, Management, and Operations

    This bachelor's program offers courses in leadership, organizational behavior, and business strategy to prepare students to devise and implement strategies to help firms make the best use of their resources.

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  • Marketing professor


    This program prepares students with the ability to research consumer needs, develop products and services that meet those needs, and communicate benefits through effective promotions that stimulate demand.

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  • Social Research

    The interdisciplinary Social Research area brings together scholars in philosophy, sociology, theology, entrepreneurship, economics, political science, and related disciplines, whose lines of inquiry concern the philosophical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of markets and the institutions of free enterprise.


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  • Sales Program

    We offer a sales minor and a certificate in sales, taught by experienced sales professionals who are dedicated to teaching the next generation of sales leaders how to perform sales with integrity and build trust-based relationships.

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