To be a force for good in the business world, you need the knowledge and skills to be a force, and the moral formation to discern what is good.

In the Busch School of Business, we place a strong emphasis on the integration of the liberal arts in our business education (because executives look for a broad liberal arts background in employees), but we want to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience as well.

That's why participation in our career development program is required for undergraduate students. We want students to fully experience meaningful internships, personalized career coaching, and networking. Our career development program not only builds job-search skills, but also connects students with a large and active network of Catholic University alumni and friends of our program who can help launch their careers.

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Business Internships

An internship is a unique academic opportunity that allows students to step out of the classroom and gain relevant real-world experience in a professional setting. Through these opportunities, students not only learn valuable skills but also make connections that can lead to full-time jobs. All students in the School of Business are encouraged to participate in at least one internship during their time at Catholic regardless of receiving academic credit.

Earning Academic Credit for an Internship

Undergraduate students with a major or minor within the School of Business are eligible to enroll in ACCT 495A, ECON 495A, FIN 495A, MGT 495A, or MKT 495A and students who have a declared minor or specialization in Sports Management are eligible to enroll in MGT 495B.

  • To begin the process of securing academic credit for an internship, students should meet the following pre-requisites:
  • Undergraduate student majoring or minoring in the School of Business*
  • Sophomore standing or higher (minimum 30 credits completed).
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.5 (Individual Busch School of Business departments and employers may require a higher GPA)

*Students minoring in a business discipline must have already completed half of the courses required for completion of the minor before registering for any internship course.

Requirements to receive academic credit for your internship:

The student must be working at the internship site during the semester (or summer session) when credit is awarded, academic credit for internship cannot be given retroactively. The same registration deadlines apply as for all other courses in the given semester or summer term.

Internships for academic credit must involve at least 150 hours of work over the course of the semester (or summer session). Students must complete the internship coursework in addition to the internship in order to gain course credit. This may include either in-person or online class sessions, certain assignments, evaluations, and a term paper.

Internship Form: To enroll in an Internship Course, students first must apply on Handshake. For instructions to apply, please see this page. For more information, contact