CEDE begins with a period of discernment rooted in a greater discovery of self and others. 

The goal of the Discern phase is to help each student discover their unique and unrepeatable vocation through a combination of visualizing a life of service, driven by their core motivational themes, and manifested in value creating projects using design thinking. Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit begins with discernment and phase I creates the time and context to turn inward in order to focus outward, in service of others. 

Foundational Topics

  • Fundamental Christian anthropology and its application to entrepreneurship
  • A history of entrepreneurship through the lens of Catholic church history, with an emphasis on how the Holy Spirit has worked to "renew the face of the earth" and continues to do so
  • How a spiritually-driven entrepreneur differs from others
  • Foundations of good discernment: The Entrepreneur as Expert Discerner
  • Exploration of gifts, talents, and core motivational drive
  • The meaning of value creation and how it is measured in the marketplace
  • The role of faith in the life of an entrepreneur