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  • Dr. Mario Enzler, former Musician, former Swiss Guard, former Swiss Banker and Tax Fiduciary. He wanted to introduce authentic gelato in New England instead he and his wife founded a classical-curriculum Academy in New Hampshire after finding inadequate educational options for their five children. Now, he not only works and teaches at The Busch School of Business, he can also be found speaking at conferences or men’s retreats where he shares about the role Pope St. John Paul II had in helping him become a better man, executive, and leader.
    “At Catholic University we do not educate to create more efficient workers or more satisfied consumers, but freer – and better – persons. As educators, we accept as axiomatic the ancient view that the purpose of education is first and foremost moral, not utilitarian. We therefore seek not merely to inform our students, to fill their minds, but to form them as persons by holding up for them the classical ideals of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.”
    Mario Enzler