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  • Elizabeth Shaw is assistant director for special academic programs at the Arthur & Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship in the Busch School and a lecturer in the Busch School and the School of Philosophy at Catholic University. She began her teaching career as a high school mathematics instructor in rural South Africa and has since taught students at all levels. In 2018 she received the Part-time Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.

    Dr. Shaw is also associate editor of The Review of Metaphysics and the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly, as well as editor of Teaching the Faith, a monthly homiletics aid. She has written several articles and edited Interpretations: Reading the Present in Light of the Past (2018), An American and Catholic Life: Essays in Honor of Michael Novak (2015), and The Myth of Romantic Love and Other Essays (2013). For eight years she was research assistant to Catholic intellectual Michael Novak. 

    “Entrepreneurship is central to the fulfillment of our human nature, both as individuals and in community. For each of us, the gift of creativity is our greatest asset, and we put it to best use when we set our long-range sights on the ultimate end of knowing, loving, and serving God.”– Elizabeth Shaw