Cassie Passantino, MSB '21, has accepted a position as a Digital Sales Coordinator at WNCN CBS 17 Raleigh. Below, Cassie shares her experiences in the program, and how it helped her to find her future:

Briefly describe your new job opportunity.

"I will be working with CBS 17 to help coordinate the digital ads set to appear on their website."

Why did you join the MSB Program?

"I aspire to one day be the President General Manager of a local news station. I have my undergraduate degree and professional background in production, however, I was missing the business skills needed to run a station. I joined the MSB Program because of its emphasis on applying business to every industry." 

How did the MSB Program help you find this career path?

"The MSB Program helped me find this job opportunity in a number of ways! The program has taught me about the different opportunities available in business development, presented me with a number of projects that I was able to discuss in my interview to demonstrate my ability to solve business problems, and helped me prepare my application materials. Most importantly, MSB gave me the confidence needed to go through the interview process. I knew that the program provided me with the education and experience I needed for this job, and I was really able to let that shine through during my interviews."

What were some highlights of your time with the program?

"There have been so many highlights in this program! However, right now my favorite memories are through the Field Team Study client meetings. My team and I have completed two very successful meetings, and the feeling of pride we have seeing our work pay off has been incredible!"

What advice do you have for students during their job search?

"Make a BIG spreadsheet! I kept a document with the job titles, companies, locations, required experience/skills and some other important information and that helped me feel very organized. From here, you can see what skills are required for your different opportunities and be sure they are on your resume! For the skills that you are missing, you can take LinkedIn Learning classes so that you can put them on your resume! You also feel super accomplished every time you check the box that you sent another application out! (Also, I recommend starting your search in January! It helps you to not feel rushed, and have plenty of time for any LinkedIn Learning classes you hope to complete!)" 

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