Christina De Cesaris, MSB '20, has accepted a position as a Principle Consultant at Infinitive in Ashburn, VA. Below, Christina shares her experiences in the program, and how it helped her to find her future:

Why I Joined the Program

"I joined the MSB program because I felt that it was an outstanding opportunity to launch my career and had heard nothing but good things about it from previous students of the Program. I majored in Psychology and Brain Sciences in undergrad at CatholicU and I knew early on that my leadership skills could transfer to the business world. I quickly realized that the MSB Program could help me expand upon those skills and lead me to great opportunities in the future. "

How the Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The MSB Program allowed me to hone in on my leadership and critical thinking skills (and many others). I was also given exposure to so many different career paths and eventually figured out that my skills and interests matched up perfectly with the management consulting industry. I am so fortunate to have benefited from the incredible network of people that the faculty and professors were kind enough to have shared with the cohort. I am extremely excited to be working for Infinitive and I would never have gotten here without the MSB Program."

My Highlights of the Program

"My favorite part of the program for me has been the many opportunities that I have had to work collaboratively with the members of my cohort. I have learned so much from each and every person and have made so many memories working, studying, and bonding with my classmates. Our trip to New York City was by far one of the highlights for me - we got so much exposure to the countless opportunities within the business world, and had such a blast spending time together."