Colleen McInerney, has accepted a position as a a Consultant at Guidehouse. Below, Colleen shares her experiences in the program, and how it helped her to find her future:

Why I Joined the Program

"I joined the MSB Program because I wanted to find a dynamic, challenging career that allowed me to solve problems strategically. Additionally, I wanted to build a strong network of like-minded professionals that had both integrity and ambition. Needless to say, the program delivered and I have had the pleasure to speak with and benefit from the advice of countless MSB alumni. I'm looking forward to helping MSB alumni in the future."

How the Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The MSB program provided the opportunity to troubleshoot real problems in class, especially Professor Seegers with Operations Management. Pairing the lecture with hands-on application really helped me to learn the concepts. This program gave me the confidence to realize I can perform successfully at any role with enough drive and willingness to learn."

My Highlights of the Program

"Some highlights of the MSB program for me include winning the Lemonade Stand Challenge, every Accounting lecture with Dr. Rob, listening to stories from Professor Seeger's illustrious career, and attending the FOCUS conference with Professor McHie and Bill. Meeting with our career counselors, especially Mary Unverferth, was another enjoyable part of my time in MSB. It was so refreshing to have such amazing members of the faculty and staff devoted to not only our professional development, but also our personal development as well. I also enjoyed getting to hear from all the different professionals at our company visits, especially Interbrand and Initiative."