Kyle Haffermann, MSB '20, will be continuing in his role as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Khollected. Below, Kyle shares his experiences in the program, and how it helped him to find his future:

Why I Joined the Program

"As an entrepreneur I realized that my design skills could only go so far unless they are complemented by business knowledge. I joined the MSB Program to help take my current business of 4 years, The Khollected, to the next level. The immersive experience provided by the MSB Program allowed me to finally build up the courage to take that next step in my career to launch The Khollected as an official LLC. Without these skills I am not sure that I would have been prepared to make such a decision and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity that I did with the MSB Program."

How the Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The most valuable piece to me was the professors. They were invested in my success in and out of the classroom to enrich my skills and make some of those critical career decisions along the way. In addition, the MSB Program, paired with my internship at SB Works, has been highly beneficial as I was able to directly apply all of my learned skills into direct practice as I helped small businesses in the area strategize and launch their own ventures. This direct practice and mentorship at SB Works has allowed me to gain valuable field experience and learn more technical knowledge such as the legal and organizational paperwork that is needed to form a company. SB Works, a business development non-profit, even helped me directly file and has offered to house my small business. These are some crazy times as we know, especially in trying to launch a new company, but the overwhelming support from the MSB Program's professors and my peers are what gets me out of bed every day to keep working hard."

My Highlights of the Program

"My biggest highlight was the New York trip as it was very inspiring to meet top of the line entrepreneurs and business leaders. In addition to that one of a kind experience, another highlight was meeting such impressive and driven peers of mine. They were so supportive of my goals and achievements and I can not wait to see the amazing things they achieve in their careers."