Jack Traxler, MSB '19, has accepted a position as a Financial Advisor Associate at Morgan Stanley. Below, Jack shares his experiences in the program, and how it helped him to find his future:

Why I Joined the Program

"I decided to join the MSB program after talking to two fellow opera singers who both went on to either work for the Busch School or the MSB Program. Dan Noone and Emily Casey both offered the input that the MSB program was a great way to enhance my skills as a professional after studying music for four years. I also had two internships while I was in undergrad and I found that I really enjoyed working to solve people's problems as well as working on presentations. The MSB program seemed like a great place to get a firm foundation in business while offering me the opportunity to explore many career paths in the professional world. "

How the Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"Early in the program Marykate Conroy, the director of career services, told us that informational interviews are one of the most critical parts of deciding what career you might be interested in. I really took this to heart and went on as many as I possibly could. Before Christmas break, I must have spoken to nearly two dozen professionals in a wide range of careers, as well as visited many companies that the program set up for us to tour. After discovering that accounting was really not as daunting as people made it out to be, and that I liked the idea of getting to work with real people and help them with some of the biggest challenges in their lives, I decided that financial advising might be a good career path for me. I turned some of those informational interviews into official interviews and a few months later, here we are. "

My Highlights of the Program

"There are many highlights of the MSB program, although there are many long nights of work as well. Two that come to mind are the IKEA Marketing Project and the Lemonade Stand Project. Without giving too much away, these opportunities offer creative minds to thrive. It is really cool to see how my colleagues from such different backgrounds approach problems differently. As a music major, I could work along side a history major, an engineer, and a psychology and brain sciences major to create something that has real business value. These were really cool experiences and realizations that I will carry into my career with me. "