Kelli Murphy, MSB '19, has accepted a position as a Consultant at Education First in Boston, MA. Below, Kelli shares her experiences in the program, and how it helped her to find her future:

Why I Joined the Program

"I wanted to get into the business world, but didn't have the degree requirements to apply for any MBA programs. The MSB Program was perfect with my liberal arts background and I was excited to learn about business from a Catholic social teaching standpoint as well. "

How the Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The MSB Program exposes you to each aspect of the business world and allows you to explore the ones you're most passionate about. The company visits we attend allow us to see a day in the life of people in a variety of different industries and ask personal questions about their roles and industries. Our Field Team Study project gives us the ability to apply the business skills we're learning in a practical way."

My Highlights of the Program

"My highlight of the program was our week-long trip to New York. The trip exposed us to a number of different companies and industries there. The program has also successfully been able to integrate Catholic Social Teaching into the curriculum. I love the opportunity to integrate my faith and have it shape my views of work. I've been exposed to so many different elements of a business and the contacts we've been exposed to have helped me realize that anything is possible. "