Professor Bette Hoyt teaches Business Research Methods in the MSB program. She also plays a big role in helping out the students with their Field Team studies that they work on for the entire Spring semester.

Read along further to hear her insights on the value of the MSB Program.


Before retiring and coming to the MSB program, Professor Bette Hoyt graduated with a degree in Mathematics and eventually became a market research manager. Most of her time was spent working with ExxonMobil, yet she has also worked with Marriot, as well as several banks.

The biggest challenge she faced in her professional career was trying to figure out exactly which data to present and how to make that data useful and understandable in the presentation. It was always challenging to reach a conclusion through the data her team and she found and using it to move forward with a project. With that being said, she did find ways to make it easier to reach those conclusions. Professor Hoyt emphasized that understanding cultures and general differences about people and their ways of life can be useful to alleviate those challenges. Looking for the good and staying optimistic has been a big key for her to unlock great results on different projects.

Being a STEM major herself, Professor Hoyt has proven that any undergraduate degree can be successful in business. In fact, she finds it very important that STEM or liberal arts majors have a business mindset. She finds that it gives professionals a broader approach to what is happening in a business as a whole. Knowing more about business lends a better understanding how things work on all levels, from operations to management. It allows people to develop a mind for life long learning. In Professor Hoyt’s case, she says that she is still learning through the MSB program.

After retiring, Professor Hoyt wanted to work for the MSB program to keep herself involved. It allows her to keep up with the latest business trends in communications, marketing, and even social media. Along with staying involved, she found that she enjoys working with students and helping them learn more about being a business professional.

In Professor Hoyt’s class, students learn about how to obtain important market research. The first half of the time spent in class is an interactive lecture teaching them about ways to obtain data. In the last half of each class, the students work in small groups to practice what they have learned and get a more hands-on approach. 

Her favorite thing about working at CatholicU has been seeing progression in all the students from August until May. She enjoys witnessing how each student approaches the program and watching as it all comes together at the end when they present their Field Team Study Capstone project. Her advice to anyone in the program or considering it is to come to learn and have fun. It will teach you how to engage with different personalities and different ways of thought. Through it all, you will gain confidence in yourself.

When Professor Hoyt is not shaping the minds of young business professionals, she enjoys a nice glass of wine or a good cup of tea. She also spends time volunteering at the Kennedy Center as a tour guide. She has always loved the arts, and through working at the Kennedy Center, she is able to improve her cultural intelligence, as well as enjoy a few shows.