Why I Joined The Program

"What is a degree in THAT going to do for you?  That's something I heard a lot when I made my decision to major in American Music Culture at Georgetown.  But guess what? I enjoyed every second of my major!  I was able to pursue a passion while getting an incredible liberal arts education.  And I wouldn't trade it for the world!  After I graduated, wasn't sure what I wanted to do - I briefly pursued music and coaching soccer but it wasn't something I saw myself doing for the rest of my life.  Simultaneously, as I was working at a property management company I started to get interested in business - how did this company start?  What did the founder do to get it off the ground?  How does accounting even work?! I realized there was a huge gap in my knowledge, and to be successful in business I needed to fill it.  That's where the MSB program came in, and when I heard about it I knew it would be the perfect fit for me."

How The Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The MSB program helped give me the business fundamentals I needed to be successful in any aspect of business I went into.  Ironically, I chose the career path I thought I'd never follow: sales.  Going into the program, I thought sales was sleazy; essentially pushing used cars on people who couldn't afford them.  However, after I got to know what sales was about through the program, this turned out NOT to be the case!  Being an athlete my whole life, I realized sales combined my competitive nature with an outlet for creatively solving problems for customers through the product or service you represent.  Now, how did I find my first sales job?  I can thank the MSB network for that.  The managing director at my first company knew the MSB program, and Stew McHie suggested that I just meet with the managing director "for coffee."  Little did I know, it turned into a full blown interview, I got hired about a month later and I immediately fell in love with the fast paced nature of tech sales!"

How I've Been Using Skills I Learned in the Program in My Current Job

"Being an enterprise salesperson is no longer about glad-handing and playing golf (which is great for me because I'm awful at golf).  It's about understanding business problems that your customer has, and coming up with a solution that adds value and improves their current situation.  You have to understand the marketing implications, financial implications, ops implications etc of each deal.  For example, would it help your customer to pay for a 3 year contract up front in this fiscal year so that we can write it off?  These are the types of in depth situations that require the solid business background the MSB program gives you in order to be successful in any career path you choose."