Why I Joined The Program

"I chose the MSB Program because I thought it would be a valuable investment for my future, and I wanted to focus on becoming a well-rounded professional. I currently possess technical skills that are highly valued across multiple industries, but it is important I also understand more qualitative business aspects the program provides to succeed in the business world. Most importantly, I knew the program would teach me how to unite my Catholic faith and ethical business practices."

How The Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The MSB Program has taught me several practical business skills that can be used in any company. Some of my greatest takeaways from the program, which will help me at Cummins, include learning how to analyze complex problems as well as communicate results effectively and concisely. Specifically, I have learned how to take complicated problems and break them down into manageable working parts. I have realized the importance of “big data” and can now use various processes and analytical programs to examine and decipher such datasets. Lastly, using the Extreme Presentation method, I can “tell a story” to an audience. Using results and insights from datasets, I can help individuals make critical decisions.

All the professors in the MSB Program have most certainly helped prepare me for my new career. The program required my classmates and I to take a diverse course load in a condensed amount of time. Each professor brings industry experience, a specialized skillset, and the motive to help each student reach his/her full potential to the classroom. I takeaway significant methods and examples from every lecture I attend. I have managed to build a relationship with each professor and feel comfortable approaching them with questions even after graduation."