Why I Joined The Program

"One of the reasons I joined the MSB program was to learn more about the business side of things and to seek ways to leverage my analytical background. After a conversation with Prof. McHie, I was convinced this was the right program for me."

How The Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The main aspect of the program that helped me was 'networking.' This can’t be overemphasized. Not just networking but networking with an impact and hoping to leave an imprint on the people you meet. This was very helpful for me as it was through a Catholic University alum that I was able to land my current job."

How I've Been Using Skills I Learned in the Program in My Current Job

"The discipline and skills imbued in the program (the business meeting mentality, field work, etc.) were very valuable. In terms of classes, I’d say the Quantitative Analysis and Accounting classes were very helpful. More so, the Excel, as almost any role or job relies on one being conversant with handling large data sets and being proficient in Excel definitely puts one at an advantage."