Margaux Arieta, MSB '17, graduated The Catholic University of America with a B.S. in Psychology. After completing the MSB Program, Margaux began her career, and is now working as a Legal Compliance and Training Specialist at HubSpot in the Boston area.

Why I Joined The Program
"I joined the MSB program after graduating from Catholic University in 2016. I was a Psychology major in undergrad and was unsure what career path I wanted to pursue. After hearing about the MSB program from some friends, I met with Prof. McHie and decided MSB would be the right fit for me. The hands-on learning is what really excited me about the program. It wasn’t just another year of classes, it was a 9-month experience. All the professors are business professionals that teach from their real-world experiences. The projects simulate real-life business and work situations and really prepare you for what life is like outside of the classroom."
How The Program Helped Me Find My Career Path
"The program covers so many different subjects and brings in speakers from various roles and industries which were so crucial to helping me find my career path. I was able to try things that I didn’t like, and things I loved. Most importantly, I learned that I was looking for a role where I could feel a connection to the work.

Another great aspect of the program that helped me find my career path was the opportunity to intern. The program is designed to allow you to work a half day in the morning and go to classes in the afternoon. This design allows students to gain professional experience for their resume, but also to start finding a good fit for them after the program. One internship I had was at Discovery Communications. I interned in their Learning and Development team and knew that’s what I wanted to do. I joined my current company as a Management Analyst in May 2017 and in May 2018, I moved onto a new internal team doing User Adoption and Instructional Systems Design."

How I've Been Using Skills I Learned in the Program in My Current Job
"Confidence is one of the biggest skills I learned in the program that has helped me in my current job. I feel confident to talk about numbers, budgets and timelines with my boss and know that I have a great business foundation. The analytical thinking is another key skill that I use every day. The MSB program is designed to make you think critically and analytically about business problems and how to find the most efficient solution. Each day I put that into practice to analyze the most effective solutions for my clients and how my team can work in the most efficient way."