Why I Joined The Program

"I joined the program because I was seeking a degree to augment my liberal arts education. I attended Providence College, where I earned a B.A. in Public & Community Service Studies. While that degree gave me the foundation of how to be a critical thinker and problem solver, I knew that a business degree would provide the tactical skills that would help propel my career in an increasingly competitive landscape."

How The Program Helped Me Find My Career Path

"The program gave me confidence to explore career opportunities that I hadn’t previously considered. With the support of my professors, many of whom were leaders in their respective industries, I began to think more creatively about my future. I realized that I had the ability to apply my classroom education and internship experience to a wide array of jobs at varying companies. This degree broadened my horizons about career paths that were now within reach."

How I've Been Using Skills I Learned in the Program in My Current Job

"As a Product Manager at Politico, I’m responsible for the way that readers interact with our content and digital features. On a daily basis, I am collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to make decisions that further our company’s mission. My role requires me to perform research, produce financial documents, deliver presentations to executives and think critically about the business. Each course I took while earning my Master of Science in Business prepared me to perform those tasks. I regularly reflect on coursework and conversations with professors and fellow classmates when faced with a professional challenge. The experience and network it provided has been unparalleled."