Why He Joined The Program

"I joined the MSB program because I discovered my passions for analytics and technology late in my college career.  As an undergraduate student, I studied biochemistry and felt somewhat lost my senior year. I was unsure how to align my passions, undergraduate studies, and other experiences into a career.  The MSB program offered me a unique opportunity to take unrealized skills from my undergraduate studies, and experience as a Resident Assistant, and apply them to business. It immersed me in business, leveraging my experiences in ways I never considered, and helped me adapt these skills to solve business problems. The program not only sought to educate me, but took my experience, empowered me with new business skills, and molded that into a meaningful career centered around my passions."

How The Program Helped Sean Find His Career Path

"The variety of courses the program offers exposed me to multiple aspects of business.  The breadth of subjects covered was enough to give me a well rounded introduction to business that I did not have before, but was not so broad that is sacrificed depth in any given subject.  That balance allowed me to discover an affinity for quantitative analytics and management that I had never realized. Further, it exposed me to problem solving methods that complimented my existing mentality and skill set.  As a result, consulting became a suggested career path which allows me to solve problems across a variety of businesses and industries. Through the program I was connected with Infinitive where I was offered, and accepted, a full-time role."