Join the Napa Institute and The Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America for the 2020 Principled Entrepreneurship™ Conference as we explore the topic of Ethical Management and Faith in an Era of Woke Capitalism. Join our keynotes, including Paul Singer, Dr. James Otteson, Dr. Andrew Abela, Stephen Auth, Msgr. Martin Schlag, J.D., S.T.D, Bill Mumma, Dr. Vincent Phillip Muñoz and more! Be sure to check out our Early Bird Registration deal until June 30th.

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Conference Details

The problem: for decades, scholars, Church leaders, and others have been asking businesses to be more ethical. Suddenly – almost overnight, it seems – companies are keen to show their consciences, and concerns about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. This conference will give insights into these issues and how should people of faith should navigate this complex situation from the perspective of the business leader.

This conference will give the latest insights into these questions from the perspective of the Catholic faith, addressing questions such as:
• What is Woke capitalism, and what does it have to do with ethical management? Is it sincere, or just posturing?
• How should controversial issues (such life and gender issues) be addressed?
• What role can faith play in management?

The Napa Institute and The Catholic University of America are excited to bring this conference to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, October 13th-15th with an opening dinner on October 12th. Benefit from opportunities for prayer, networking, and fellowship. More information regarding speakers and schedule will be available in the upcoming weeks.

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