What is “Dignity of Work”?

 The theme of the conference will center on the meaning of work for Christians and how we can recapture the culture through work.

“St. John Paul II spoke of ‘the subjective dimension of work’, distinguishing it from its “objective dimension”. He set forth a beautiful vision, indicating that when people work, they do not simply make more, but they become more. The changes brought about by work cannot be fully accounted for by its objective dimension. The worker, the subject of work, is also greatly affected by his or her own work. Whether we think about the executive, the farmer, the nurse, the janitor, the engineer, or the tradesman, work changes both the world (objective dimension) and the worker (subjective dimension). Because work changes the person, it can enhance or suppress that person’s dignity; it can allow a person to develop or to be damaged. Thus ‘the sources of the dignity of work are to be sought primarily in the subjective dimension, not in the objective one’.” Vocation of the Business Leader, 45

Dimensions of Work We’ll Address

  1. Work and the transformation of the material world
  2. Work and the transformation of the human person that performs it
  3. Work and the communities that develop through it
  4. Work and the possibility of encounter with our Creator through it
  5. Work and the transformation of society

Why Join Us?

Join the Napa Institute and The Busch School of Business for the fourth annual Principled Entrepreneurship™ Conference focusing on the dignity of work as understood in light of Catholic social doctrine. Through keynote sessions and panel discussions, the conference will examine such themes as the sanctification of work, growth and prosperity, innovation, and the relationship between work and human dignity. From Pope Leo XIII to Pope Francis the Magisterium of the Church has underscored the importance of work, not just having it, but doing it and being what you become through doing it. Over three days hear from dozens of dynamic speakers, engage in stimulating discussions, and benefit from opportunities for prayer, networking, and fellowship.

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