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Ms. Hira Fernando holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and brings 15+ years of experience in careers from finance and banking to international development and non-profits. Her employers have included Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, the World Bank, the World Resources Institute, AMR Research, and Gartner Inc. 

Ms. Fernando is the Founder and Principal at Careerly, a career coaching company that works with millennials, young professionals, and MBAs, and is a popular speaker and workshop trainer on graduate campuses. Ms. Fernando works closely with Georgetown's McDonough School of Business, helping secure internships and jobs for its 275+ MBA and 85+ Master of Finance students. Her career advice has been featured on the Wharton Blog Network, Business Insider, and Fast Company.  

"I want to help you find something you love to do, help you prep for that interview for the job of your dreams, or inspire you to take meaningful actions like updating your resume or volunteering on a project to gain work experience. I am on your team, and I consider it a tremendous privilege to be part of your journey."  – Hira Fernando

CUA School of Business students should schedule an appointment with Hira for guidance in the following areas:

  • General career clarification
  • Industry-specific clarification, for example: career options and entry-level positions in finance, business, or marketing
  • All Finance-track queries: investment banking, investment management, private equity, and buy-side versus sell side
  • All Consulting track queries: strategy consulting, tech consulting, federal consulting, big four firms versus small firms
  • Specialized resume, cover letter, LinkedIn preparation

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