We at the Busch School of Business believe our professional expertise and our commitment to Catholic social doctrine make us uniquely capable of applying Church teachings on business in ways that can be broadly adopted, practical, and effective for organizations and society today.


The Busch School of Business seeks to transform the world of business, believing that:

  • The human person is at the center of the economy.
  • Business is a noble vocation.
  • Business can be a force for good.
  • Business advances human flourishing through the alleviation of poverty and the inherent dignity found in work.

Our focus on business as a force for good, always benefitting the human person, is one that can be understood and embraced by people of all faiths.

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    Our school differs from others in that it has a very clear mission, and that mission is to take Catholic social doctrine and help the business world understand how to implement it in a way that benefits the business organizations themselves, the people they employ, and society as a whole.

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