Learn from leaders how to be a leader. Our faculty and professional program staff have walked the walk in the business world, and they are eager to share with students the real-world lessons that have led to their success in business and economics.

Graduates of the Busch School of Business and Economics are ready to step into leadership roles in businesses and organizations large and small because they learn both theory practice. They learn about entrepreneurship by actually starting their own businesses. They learn about management by managing projects to solve real business problems. The learn about economics by working side-by-side with expert faculty on research about industrial organization, economic development, public finance, or other macroeconomic or microeconomic issues.

General Stanley McCrystal

CEO Lecture Series

Every semester, we invite reputable CEOs and inspiring leaders to speak to students at the Busch School of Business and Economics.

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Human Ecology Conference 2016


Students have the opportunity to attend conferences sponsored by the Busch School of Business and Economics that attract leaders of business, government, the not-for-profit sector, and the Church.

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John Garvey and Lester Holt

In the Media

Catholic University administrators and faculty, including professors from the Busch School of Business and Economics, are often featured as guests and commentators in national media.

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Business faculty

Faculty Profiles

The professors in the Busch School of Business and Economics bring a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to the classroom and to their advising relationships with students. They are teachers, mentors, researchers, respected intellectuals, and experienced leaders devoted to helping students launch successful business careers.

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