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A Catechism for Business book cover

A Catechism for Business: Tough Ethical Questions and Insights from Catholic Teaching
Edited by Dr. Andrew V. Abela, Dr. Joseph Capizzi

    Publisher: The Catholic University of America Press ISBN-13: 978-0813225852

Many managers who believe themselves to be religious are all too willing to "check their religion at the door" of their workplaces. They may simply be ignorant of the implications of their faith for their business practices. Catholic teaching on business and economics has been described (with intentional irony) as the Church's "best kept secret." More


Good Profit book cover

Good Profit: How Profitable Business Can be a Force for GoodConference Proceedings Edited by Andreas Widmer,  Beatriz E. Lopez, Claire Keith

ISBN-13: 978-1986182614

This book presents the proceedings from the third conference co-sponsored by the Busch School of Business and the Napa Institute took place October 4-6, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Participants included a mix of several hundred business, Church, and academic leaders as well as students from Catholic University. 
The conference’s theme, Good Profit: How Profitable Business Can be a Force for Good, explored the synergies between Charles Koch’s personal business philosophy, Market-Based Management, with the principles of Catholic social doctrine and the lived experience of Catholic business leaders. Speakers and panelists explored three central questions: What is good profit? What is required for profit to be good? How is good profit to be achieved?

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Human Ecology book cover

Human Ecology: 125 Years of Business and Catholic Social Doctrine - Conference Proceedings Edited by Andreas Widmer,  Beatriz E. Lopez

ISBN-13: 978-1532967689

Catholic teachings on the common good are comprehensive and universal. They communicate truths and principles which are relevant to every aspect of human flourishing. For the anniversaries of the great documents of Catholic social teaching Rerum Novarum, Centesimus Annus, and our newest addition to Catholic social teaching Laudato Si, we have convened a conference on Human Ecology that attempts to integrate and convey the wisdom of 125 years of the Catholic Church’s social encyclicals and eternal teaching. More

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liberty solidarity cover

Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business: Conference Proceedings Edited by Dr. Andrew V. Abela,  Beatriz E. Lopez

ISBN-13: 978-1507546789

There appears to be a decline in confidence in the market economy as the engine of prosperity for all. A renewed focus on solidarity — love of others — in the marketplace could draw more people into the “circle of exchange” (Pope John Paul II, Centesimus Annus, 34), strengthen confidence in the market economy, and drive greater liberty and prosperity. | More

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faithful measure cover

Faithful Measure: Gauging Awareness of the Catholic Church's Social Doctrine
Authored by Andreas Widmer, Catherine Pakaluk

ISBN-13: 978-1511820318

This study focused on providing insights to the Catholic Church on how well Catholics understand well-defined Catholic terms, and to know what the words she currently employs actually mean in the vocabulary of those who listen to her, and if that meaning does not overlap with the Church’s definition of that word or term, what alternate term would do so. | More

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