The Career Leadership Council (CLC) exists to advance the reputation of the Busch School of Business through collaborative and constructive feedback from employer-partners, alumni, faculty, staff, on career readiness, career outcomes, skills development, and curriculum design. Research and personal experiences show that there is often a gap between what a university and its alumni, students, and faculty believe about the skills they have and what actually plays out in the workforce. Employers are often left out of consideration for the type of education or the course offerings from a university. The CLC seeks to bring together each of these stakeholders for developing a more robust and beneficial Office of Career Development, thereby bridging this perceived gap.

Council Members

First Name Last Name Company Role
Kinya Alexander ZGF Architects Project Accountant
Chris Barcellona Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor
Terence Callahan United Bank Vice President of Commercial Banking
Courtney Campbell Bank of America Managing Director, Global Equities
Tony Cannizzaro Busch School SMO Area Director
Darrell Carroll JP Morgan VP, Corporate Derivatives
Jeff Cherry Conscious Venture Fund Managing Partner
Elise Crawford Gallagher RINGLET President
Mohamed Diarra Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor
John Egan Busch School Marketing Area Director
Michael Foster Defense Intelligence Agency Recruiter
Guillermo Garcia UBS Financial Advisor
Myisha Kinsey Defense Intelligence Agency HR Director
Lauren Laurie Defense Intelligence Agency Recruiter
Mike Pascale Wells Fargo Advisor Managing Director of Investments
Mark Weber Busch School Sales Program Director