Developing an Internship Program

  • Internship Handbook for Employers: The Office of Career Development has developed a guide for organizations which provides resources, structure, and advice for launching an internship program or hiring an intern. Relevant information about academics, laws, and compensation may be found in the guide.
  • Internship Guide for Students: Students can learn about best practices, professional etiquette, and more in our guide created for students. This is a helpful resource for employers as well because it provides employers with insight on how we teach and train students before an internship is started.

Academic Programs

The Busch School of Business confers two degree programs: 1) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.); 2) Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.S.). In the B.S.B.A. students can select from 15 specializations across 6 academic areas to personalize their academic and career paths. The Busch School also offers a nine-month Master of Science in Business (M.S.B.). Our diverse specialization offerings provide students with a wealth of options and give employers a better understanding of the education received in the Busch School of Business.

For more information about our academic programs, please see our Academic Programs webpage.