Academic Services

Under the direction of the Associate Dean of Students, Academic Services serves students through the administration of academic programs. We monitor students’ academic progress, distribute academic information and policies, fulfill student requests, and resolve enrollment difficulties.

Our philosophy for student advising is centered on empowering each student to make wise, independent, and deliberate choices regarding their academic goals. Navigating the curriculum is an important aspect of each student’s learning process. We encourage you to utilize the many resources we have available towards this end.

Academic Advising

Two key advisors assist students during their time at the Busch School: 

Academic & Career Advisor (ACA):  The ACA, a staff member in the University’s Center for Academic and Career Success, is the first contact for incoming students.  The ACA assists with the transition to the university, including understanding academic to-dos, placement exams, course selection, and anything else.  Students receive Academic Advising from their ACA throughout their Freshman year and transition to working with their Faculty Advisor in their Sophomore year.

Faculty Advisors: Faculty advisors are professors within a student's chosen major. The faculty advisor is a key support for students, offering help to connect students to resources and mentoring students holistically. Beginning in sophomore year, students receive academic advising exclusively from their faculty advisor.

Busch School Style Guide

The Busch School Style guide is available for all students here.