The Busch School of Business: Leading economic regeneration beyond an era of big business and big government

We live in an age of financial anxiety, social fracture, and a consolidation of government and corporate power. To renew our culture and revitalize a free market that works for the many, entrepreneurial academics are needed now more than ever.

Fortunately, a group of educational entrepreneurs at The Catholic University of America realized a vision of teaching and scholarship that places the human person at the center of economic life. In 2014 they founded the Busch School of Business, which is leading the way forward, empowering the future business leaders of America to build a better future.

Located in Washington, D.C., at the intersection of business, government, and entrepreneurship, the Busch School is in the perfect position to revitalize our economy. 

As a premier educational institution, the school offers undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and executive education to develop principled men and women committed to serving both business and society. 

The Busch School is more than an institution. We are a movement that will strengthen society by infusing the business world with the timeless Catholic principles of human dignity, subsidiarity, and solidarity, all in service of the common good. 

You can revitalize the economy by empowering the next generation of business leaders

With partners like you, we will transform the world of business by:

  •  Impacting the critically important debates in the academic and policy spheres about the merits of free markets and aggressively challenging the rising popularity of socialism. 
  •  Integrating Catholic Social Teaching and applied business academics to realize a vision that places the human person at the center of economic life
  • Teaching through examples that business advances human flourishing through the alleviation of poverty and the inherent dignity of work
  • Increasing enrollment at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as increasing top-flight faculty to maintain the current excellent student-to-teacher ratio in classrooms 

And by making a gift to the Busch School of Business today you become a force for good. 

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