The Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship aims to promote a new kind of entrepreneur: one capable of integrating personal virtue, cutting-edge entrepreneurial tools and long-term perspective to launch and grow enterprises that harness human creativity at the service of individuals and communities.
The Ciocca Center brings together practitioners, academics and students to address current issues and develop projects to help lift communities and allow human persons to flourish.

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    Small Business Outreach

    Find out how the Ciocca Center can help your local small business.

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  • Röpke-Wojtyła Fellows 2018-2019

    Röpke-Wojtyła Fellowship

    The competitive Röpke-Wojtyła Fellowship program brings Catholic seniors from across the country to campus for weekend seminars where they explore the intersection of faith, business, markets, and freedom. 

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  • Ciocca Center Distinguished Fellows

    Distinguished Fellows of the Ciocca Center are men and women who have distinguished themselves in service of the common good through enterprise or research.

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  • Meet Our Team

    Meet the team at The Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship

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  • Entrepreneurship class


    We help students start their own micro-businesses, offer them exposure to rapid-growth, scalable companies, and facilitate regular contact with successful entrepreneurs.

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