The Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship was founded in 2015 to innovate, teach, mentor, exhort, and model the virtuous, entrepreneurial society. Our ideas are based on personalist economic theories, on lived experience, and on Catholic anthropology, which places the person at the center of business and economic life. The center seeks to be a catalyst for innovation in education at Catholic University and within Catholic education and business at large.

Our center is dedicated to helping intentional Catholics and like-minded collaborators create and grow person-centered companies, made up of individuals with strong character who produce sustainable value for the people and communities they serve. All while living their Christian principles to the highest degree — even to the point of holiness


We harness the power of principled entrepreneurship to overcome the small-spirited, zero-sum vision of business by inspiring the creation of profitable, person-centered companies.


  • To reimagine entrepreneurship education.
  • To form and educate principled entrepreneurs who produce goods and services that truly serve.
  • To help people discover and embrace business as a noble vocation that leads to human flourishing. 
  • To introduce students to the liberating fruits of free enterprise.
  • To offer students a pathway to create their own businesses.
  • To engage (potential) entrepreneurs in lifelong learning and offer a community for it.
  • To produce media content and teaching materials that support our vision.
  • To encourage students to critically engage intellectual traditions that see the marketplace as an order based on entrepreneurship and knowledge creation.
  • To promote principled entrepreneurship and an understanding of Catholic teaching with regards to business.

Pillars of Principled Entrepreneurship:

We believe that:
  1. The Economy Exists for People, Not People for the Economy
  2. Creative Work Is Uniquely Human
  3. Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
  4. Principled Entrepreneurs Create Win/Win Solutions
  5. One should always Think Like an Entrepreneur

Annual Reports:

2022-23 Annual Report

2021-22 Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report

2019-20 Annual Report

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