Aware that young entrepreneurs especially favor audio formats, in April 2024 we launched Prosper, our podcast to spread the ideas of Principled Entrepreneurship to a target audience of young faith-filled professionals. Billed as the show “where serial entrepreneur (and bodyguard to St. John Paul II) Andreas Widmer and his friends navigate business challenges in the light of faith,” we aim to help professionals under the age of 45 learn to live as Principled Entrepreneurs.

Grouped into 12-episode seasons, Season 1 features our in-house team of Andreas Widmer, Rebecca Teti and Jon Bachura exploring key ideas in the Ciocca Center approach to entrepreneurship, including the dignity of work, the economy being made for the person, not the person for the economy, and the need to seek for enterprise solutions to social problems. 

Season 2 will feature our interviews with a wide variety of business practitioners who exemplify Principled Entrepreneurship telling compelling stories about their businesses and sharing wisdom garnered from experience.