Campus Address

Maloney Hall
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave., N.E.
Washington, DC 20064


  • Segenet Telahun
    For operations questions:
    Office Manager
    Segenet Telahun
    Maloney Hall 454
    (202) 319-5236

  • 1619136991788.jpg
    To reach the Dean:
    Executive Project Coordinator
    Avery Sweeney
    Maloney Hall 421

  • SeegersCUA.jpg
    To reach the Associate Dean:
    Associate Dean
    Harvey Seegers
    Maloney Hall 154

  • kim_irene_003a.jpg
    For questions about academic policies/programs and student affairs:
    Associate Dean of Students
    Irene Kim
    Maloney Hall 406

  • Marykate_Kelly_0003A1.jpg
    For questions about internships/job:
    Career Development Director
    Marykate Conroy
    (202) 319-4771
  • img_7662-1.jpg
    For undergraduate and grad. admissions questions: 
    Director of Marketing
    Bill Conlon
    Maloney Hall 429
  • professional-headshot-3.jpg
    For questions about student life:
    Student Experience & Career Prep Manager
    Julie Cilano
    Maloney Hall 427
  • dan-gunther.jpg
    For questions about development:
    Assistant Dean for Advancement
    Daniel Gunther
    Maloney Hall 403
    (202) 319-6947