Our faculty consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have not only started their own businesses but want to educate the next generation on how to build their own. We see to it that students have accessible contact with successful entrepreneurs and offer them exposure to rapid-growth companies.

Our programs provide a distinctive approach to university entrepreneurship education. They challenge students to value the person along with achieving profitability. 

We are inspired by Pope Francis, who said that business is "a noble vocation, provided that those engaged in it see themselves challenged by a greater meaning in life; this will enable them truly to serve the common good by striving to increase the goods of this world and to make them more accessible to all."

We aim to inspire and equip our students with the virtues, skills, and initiative needed to launch ventures for impact as principled entrepreneurs, integrating virtue with sound business practice, and designing dynamic enterprises that create value for customers and allow employees to flourish.


  • ENT cospecialization

    Co-Specialization in Entrepreneurship

    The co-specialization in Entrepreneurship is designed for Busch School students who want to learn entrepreneurship while studying accounting, business and public affairs, international business, finance, management, or marketing.

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  • Co-Specialization in Family Business

    The co-specialization in family business is designed for Busch School students who want to apply the tools they learn in other areas of business - operations, finance, accounting, marketing - to the growth and development of their family business.

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  • Entrepreneurship Minor

    Minor in Entrepreneurship

    The Minor in Entrepreneurship helps students in any major apply business principles to real-world problems and opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

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  • CEDE Session at CatholicU

    CEDE Program

    The Catholic Entrepreneurship and Design Experience (CEDE) is a college-level course for high schools that forms a Catholic imagination ordered toward the incarnation: the creation of things that are True, Good, and Beautiful.

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  • Andreas Widmer

    Entrepreneurship at Catholic U

    The Ciocca Center brings together practitioners, academics and students to address current issues and develop projects to help lift communities and allow human persons to flourish.

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  • Vocation to Business class

    Business Course Helps Students Find Their Calling

    When teaching his signature course, Tools and Foundations for the Vocation of Business, Andreas Widmer asks questions that dare his students to think outside the textbook.

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