Political Economy is for students who have a fundamental curiosity about the world and the people in it. Students will gain an understanding of philosophy, sociology, theology, entrepreneurship, economics, and political science in the institution of free enterprise.

Understanding political economy is essential for business leaders and policymakers alike. For business leaders, it provides insights into the impact of political decisions on economic landscapes, enabling them to anticipate regulatory changes, navigate international relations, and make informed strategic choices. 

This knowledge safeguards against risks and identifies new avenues for growth. Policy makers benefit by designing more effective policies that support, not hinder free enterprise and promote human flourishing. In a rapidly changing world, this understanding is a crucial tool for fostering both business success and well-informed governance.

The Markets and Political Economy area at the Busch School was established on the conviction, following Michael Novak, that business practice in a free society stands on a "three-legged stool" of economic freedom, political freedom, and moral restraint.
  • Markets & Political Economy Specialization

    The Markets & Political Economy specialization is an especially suitable for students interested in law, policy, research, journalism, communications, public service, health care, and entrepreneurship.

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