"The Social Research area at the Busch School was established on the conviction, following Michael Novak, that business practice in a free society stands on a "three-legged stool" of economic freedom, political freedom, and moral restraint" - Michael Pakaluk

The interdisciplinary Social Research area brings together scholars in philosophy, sociology, theology, entrepreneurship, economics, political science, and related disciplines, whose lines of inquiry concern the philosophical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of markets and the institutions of free enterprise.

The Social Research area is also home to scholarship in Catholic social thought, as well as integrative works engaging fundamental questions of social and economic order, including the role of law and natural law.

Great scholarship and the virtues of the intellectual life arise from a fundamental curiosity about the world and about human persons, rather than from tools or methods - the latter in service of the former.

  • Business and Public Policy Specialization

    The Business & Public Policy specialization is an especially suitable for students interested in law, policy, research, journalism, communications, public service, health care, and entrepreneurship.

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  • Business and Society Specialization

    Business & Society begins with a sequence of coursework in Foundations of Economic Thought, and is rounded out with signature courses on Family & Society and Catholic Social Thought & Political Economy.

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  • Public and Media Appearances

    The Social Research area is home to scholarship in Catholic social thought. Find the recent media and public appearances of our Social Research professors. 

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