"[Sowell] writes on economics in a manner that is not only accessible, but also relevant and even riveting."-The Conservative Woman

“Thomas Sowell is among the most brilliant thinkers in the world today—deep, original, creative, fearless, intimidatingly erudite. His gripping and improbable life story can only magnify one’s awe at this astonishing man’s accomplishments.” -Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

"Thomas Sowell is a national treasure in a nation that does not entirely deserve him." -National Review

Mission and Purpose

The Thomas Sowell Undergraduate Economics Fellows program, launched in the summer of 2021, provides an opportunity for talented undergraduate students from across the university to contribute to a culture of excellence in teaching economics at the Busch School. 

Economics Fellows help find and curate the best possible collection of teaching materials, ranging from podcasts to videos and news articles. These supplement more traditional materials, especially book chapters from great books. 

Undergraduate Economics Fellows also serve as mentors to first-year students, through online discussion groups, in person seminars, and one-on-one meetings. 

Economics Fellows also provide an important link for students between an intimidating subject and real life mastery. Understanding basic economics isn’t reserved for nerds, geniuses, or even for business and econ students. 

The ethos behind the Thomas Sowell Undergraduate Economics Fellows program is that economic principles are accessible to all students, and fellows work hard each year, together with program faculty, to help students into this new world of ideas.

On the principle that you never truly master something until you teach it, one benefit for the fellows themselves is a unique opportunity to attain a mastery usually reserved for graduate students and faculty.