The Online Master of Science in Ecclesial Administration and Management degree empowers pastors (and lay men and women) to implement best managerial practices. Designed with a theological and spiritual framework, MEAM responds to the needs of dioceses, schools, hospitals, and non-profits inspired by the Catholic Faith.

In his Pastoral Rule, St. Gregory the Great writes that to shepherd the flock is the “art of arts,” the good pastor cultivates administrative skills  to promote the spiritual good of his flock and advance the Church’s mission of evangelization and sanctification. MEAM is a one-year online program in management, accounting, finance, planning, decision-making, and the virtues of leadership. The program’s goal is for its graduates to imitate the Master who “came not to be served but to serve” (Mt 20:28) and thereby to steward the treasure and talent of God’s creation.

Since best practices in canon law and in business require that ordained pastors entrust many leadership roles to competent lay professionals, the degree program offers clergy the skills and formation in the virtues of leadership needed to effectively delegate to laity. The program also offers laity and consecrated religious the theological and canonical principles, along with the hard skills, to effectively manage Church institutions. 

Spirituality of Management

As the “Light of Nations”, the Church must exemplarily testimony to the Gospel in the use of her resources. The effective pastoral use of her temporal goods and the stewardship of all her assets entails a spirituality of management for those in leadership roles, both clergy or lay. In service of the Church in the United States, the Church Management Programs at the Busch School aim to promote the faith with an ecclesial effort to reform, to aid the poor, and to promote holiness throughout the world.

The program’s faculty is drawn from the Busch School of Business, comprising experts in civil and ecclesial practice. Instruction is supplemented by guest lecturers and seminar-leaders from parishes, schools, seminaries, dioceses, and apostolates. The degree program includes individual courses redesigned to to respond to the 6th edition of the Program of Priestly Formation, approved by the Holy See on June 24, 2022.

The MEAM is open for admission as a full master’s degree from the Busch School of Business (30 credits), a certificate in Church Leadership or Church Administration (12 credits), or standalone courses which may be selected according to personal interest and phase in one’s vocation.

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Academic Calendar 2022-23

Summer Semester Course Offering

  • EAM 501: Introduction to Church Management
  • EAM 502: Administration and Pastoral Ministry
  • EAM 512: Finance and Asset Management
  • EAM 513: Strategic and Operational Leadership