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Why Study at The Busch School of Business?

Good stewardship of financial resources requires not only in-depth understanding of investments but also awareness of the impact of fiscal decisions on individuals and society. The study of finance immerses students in the interconnected world of money, markets, capital, credit, banking, and the many ways that monetary and fiscal policies affect the well being of people.

What Makes Our Program Different

  • Rigorous courses in investment analysis, options and futures, financial markets, financial statement analysis, and corporate finance.
  • Taught by experienced Finance professionals.
  •  Designed to prepare students for careers managing the finances of both profit and non-profit organizations.

Jobs and Internships

Our graduates secure jobs working in Finance within a short period of time after graduation. Students studying Finance pursue various career paths after graduation, including financial analysis, corporate finance, banking, and wealth management. 



Students majoring in finance will complete the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) in Finance.

  • Major Requirements

    To earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) in Finance, students must complete 22 business and economics courses. This includes: 11 core courses (in introductory accounting, economics, management, business law, and ethics); 4 finance concentration courses; 4 Math/Computer Science/Statistics courses; and 3 business and economics electives.

    Learn More about the major requirements

  • University Requirements

    Students must also complete the core University requirements, specific to their major, in order to complete their degree. Finance students are required to complete 18 courses in addition to their business and economics courses. These courses include: philosophy, theology, humanities, literature, writing and composition, and free electives.
    See detailed course list and suggested sequence of courses
  • Minor Programs

    Students majoring in finance have a wide variety of minors available to them and may choose from disciplines offered across the University. Popular choices for finance majors are: foreign languages, politics, or philosophy. However, students majoring in finance may not minor in a business discipline. 
    Full list of minors within the School of Arts & Sciences.


  • Study Abroad

    Students majoring in finance are encouraged to broaden their educational experience by spending a semester studying abroad. The study abroad opportunity in Rome, Italy, is one particular location that is oriented towards business majors. The key to studying abroad while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, is to plan ahead. Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor, and also visit the CUAbroad office.
    Read more about study abroad procedures.
  • Internships

    An internship is a unique academic opportunity that allows students to step out of the classroom and gain real-world experience in a professional setting. Possibilities such as the U.S. Department of State, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Wachovia Securities are all local internship opportunities that our finance students have filled.
    Read more about internship opportunities.