Our Finance courses are taught by experienced professionals who can give real-world perspectives to the curriculum. Our graduates go on to do amazing things at top firms like JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

Good stewardship of financial resources requires not only in-depth understanding of investments but also awareness of the impact of fiscal decisions on individuals and society. The study of finance immerses students in the interconnected world of money, markets, capital, credit, banking, and the many ways that monetary and fiscal policies affect the well-being of people.

What Makes Our Program Different

  • Rigorous courses in investment analysis, options and futures, financial markets, financial statement analysis, and corporate finance.
  • Taught by experienced Finance professionals.
  •  Designed to prepare students for careers managing the finances of both profit and non-profit organizations.

Jobs and Internships

Our graduates secure jobs working in Finance within a short period of time after graduation. Students studying Finance pursue various career paths after graduation, including financial analysis, corporate finance, banking, and wealth management. 



Students majoring in finance will complete the specialization requirements below:

  • Finance Specialization

    The Finance specialization immerses students in the interconnected world of money, markets, capital, credit, banking, and the many ways that monetary and fiscal policies affect the well-being of people.

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  • Mathematical Finance Specialization

    Mathematical finance is concerned with using powerful mathematical modeling to better understand and predict financial markets, the analysis of portfolio risk, and the pricing of financial derivatives.

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  • The Cardinal Investment Fund

    The Cardinal Fund is a $1,000,000 student-managed investment fund designed to provide students with an experiential learning opportunity by offering real-world security analysis and portfolio management experience where students become a Cardinal Fund Asset Manager.  The Cardinal Fund began with an initial donation from Peter Forlenza, and supplemented by funding from the University endowment. It will enhance understanding of the stock market and prepare students for a career in finance. 

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  • CUA on Wall Street

    The Busch School of Business and the Office of Career Development take a group of select Busch School students to spend a day in New York City to visit Catholic University alumni at companies on Wall Street including: Meridian Equity Partners, Bank of America, the Merrill Corporation, and more.

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  • Internships

    An internship is a unique academic opportunity that allows students to step out of the classroom and gain real-world experience in a professional setting. Possibilities such as the U.S. Department of State, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Wachovia Securities are all local internship opportunities that our finance students have filled.
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  • Study Abroad

    Students majoring in finance are encouraged to broaden their educational experience by spending a semester studying abroad. The study abroad opportunity in Rome, Italy, is one particular location that is oriented towards business majors. The key to studying abroad while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, is to plan ahead. Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor, and also visit the CUAbroad office.
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Suggested Reading List for Finance Students

  • Reading List

    The following are suggestions made by Catholic University finance alumni on materials they think would be helpful for finance students to read to prepare for the finance job market and a career in finance.
    • The Wall Street Guide to Understanding Personal Finance
    • Range, by David Epstein
    • The Economist magazine
    • Planet Money podcast
    • Think Again, by Adam Grant
    • How the Bond Market Works, by Robert Zipf 
    • Barbarians at the Gate, by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar
    • Liar’s Poker, by Michael Lewis
    • Any material to prepare for finance certifications, e.g. Certified Financial Analyst, Securities Industry Essentials (FINRA), Series 7. These materials will help with preparing for interviews and many full time employers will require you to get certifications. Any leg up on this prep will help in the future.