November 05, 2019

This month, a group of select Busch School students had the opportunity to spend a day in New York City to visit CUA alumni at three different organizations on Wall Street including: Meridian Equity Partners, Bank of America, and the Merrill Corporation. The Catholic University on Wall Street network, comprised of around 250 alumni who work in Finance in Manhattan, sponsors this trip annually along with career networking events on Catholic’s campus.

During the trip, students were given many different perspectives of what it is like to work in different financial environments, through a tour of the New York Stock Exchange floor, a networking event, and the insights from the alumni who participated. 

Hear from students who went on this year's trip:

“I never completely grasped how much Catholic University alumni care about the current students until I attended CUA on Wall Street. Whether it be the founders of Meridian Equity Partners on the New York Stock Exchange critiquing all of our resumes or a Bank of America professional giving us great advice on how to put yourself ahead of the competition when applying for internships, all of our alumni want what's best for us. I will be eternally grateful for Catholic University alumni as well as the opportunities that The Busch School of Business provides its students.”

-Jack Murray, class of 2022 

“No experience has solidified what I want my career path to be and what that will entail like this experience. While I knew I wanted to pursue investment banking, the insight from this trip has now made me certain that the environment will be a perfect fit for me. The knowledge I gained from this trip allowed me to grasp what the true reality of working this job will look like and will help me secure a job in the field for when I graduate.”

-Brian Bernetich, class of 2021