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Advisor Resources

  • New Advisors

    • New faculty advisors should review this slideshow to understand the context and overview of advising.
    • New advisors should email the Associate Dean of Students to discuss advising in more detail after reviewing the presentation above.
  • FAQ for the Academic Planning Worksheet

    Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions when meeting with students.
  • Your Advisor "To-Do" List

    • Send your campaign on March 3rd asking students to schedule an appointment with you and set up the campaign for March 13-April 25.
    • Please set up your availability beginning the week of March 13-17 and make it last through April 25.
      • Setup availability in Cardinal Success and sync Google Calendar.  You can list your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) directly in your availability for convenient virtual meetings.
      • Set up your meeting type, either in person or remote so that students can choose which type of meeting works for them. Instructions for doing so are listed here
      • If you need assistance, Set up a meeting with Elizabeth Meng (either in person or via Zoom here) or Kristin Hurd (either in person or via Zoom here). 
    • Feb. 22: Faculty advisor training will occur - EAB Notes and Alerts will take place at the end of the faculty meeting.
    • Tutorials for Cardinal Success are linked here. Instructions to synch your calendar are located here.
  • Registration Timeline

    Registration for both the upcoming summer and fall occur during the spring:

    Spring 2023

    University Honors Program/Priority Registration Tuesday, April 4 at 7:00 a.m.
    72+ credits earned*
    Thursday, April 13 at 7:00 a.m.

    39-71.99 credits earned*
    Tuesday, April 18 at 7:00 a.m.

    0-38.99 credits earned*
    Tuesday, April 25 at 7:00 a.m.

    Non-degree Undergraduates
    Tuesday, May 2 at 12:00 a.m.
    New Undergraduates Early June
  • Meeting Checklist


    • Remind the student to come prepared.  The Course Planning & Registration page has all the information students need to build their course schedule.
    • Review students' Academic Planning Worksheet (they were sent to you by Academic Services) for key info like: GPA, minors, previous notes. 
    • Instruct students to complete their Academic Planning Worksheet before the meeting. It was sent to them by Academic Services via email.  You can require them to attend only after completing it.
      • Here is a template for a letter you can add to your appointment campaign that conveys this information to them.


    • Record notes in Appointment Report in Cardinal Success.
    • Advising Meeting Checklist
      1. Review which degree requirements are unfulfilled.
      2. Compare that to how many  credits remain to reach 120.
      3. Scan the free elective to see if any transfer credits can fulfill a liberal arts requirements.
      4. Does student need Career Discernment exemptions?
      5. Review: Foreign language placement status.
      6. Review: Math placement status.
      7. Review Specialization status.
      8. Review registration appointment date (by credits).


    • Save Appointment Report in Cardinal Success, including key info:
      • Selected courses
      • Key info on student to remember
      • Action items like: forms to submit, offices to contact
    • If necessary, refer student to campus resources
      • Submit alerts
  • Degree Progress

  • Cardinal Success and Set Up Instructions

    • Go to Cardinal Success. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.  Errors on other browsers can be reduced by disabling cookies and/or clearing your cache.
    • Complete the following basic tasks:
      • Calendar Sync
      • Set up your Availability
      • Set up your Appointment Campaign
    • Video tutorials for many functions of Cardinal Success can be helpful:
    • "This year has gone very smoothly with advising.  Most of my advisees had prepared specific questions in advance to discuss -- also because I had emphasized that in my Appointment Notification to them.  And Cardinal Success really works very well -- it makes the whole process very efficient to manage." - Faculty Member
    • "Wanted to mention that I find Cardinal Success WONDERFUL for planning appointments- makes that part of the advising process very efficient."  - Faculty Member
  • Campus Resources - Academic Success

    Please connect students to campus resources whenever possible.  Additionally, you can send an alert via Cardinal Success regarding a concern for a student that will be routed to the appropriate office. 

    The Center for Academic Success
    Mullen Library, Second Floor
    (202) 319 - 5655

    Math Center
    The Center for Academic Success
    Mullen Library, Second Floor
    (202) 319 - 5655

    Writing Center
    Kevin Rulo, Director
    219 Mullen Library

    Academic Coaching
    The Center for Academic Success
    102 McMahon 

    Center for Career and Academic Success
    This University office advises all first-year students.  
    102 McMahon

    Disability Support Services
    Encourage students with learning disabilities to register with DSS.  Accommodations are only available after students have registered.  
    127 Pryzbyla Center 
    Phone: 202-319-5211 

    Enrollment Services
    W200 Fr. O'Connell Hall
    Phone: 202-319-5300
    Fax: 202-319-5831

  • Campus Resources - Student Well-Being

    If a student has non-academic problems of a confidential nature and discusses this with you it is a sign of trust that he or she has confided in you.  Appropriate referrals can be made to:

    Dean of Students
    353 Pryzbyla Center

    Counseling Center
    O’Boyle Hall

    Disability Support Services
    Encourage students with learning disabilities to register with DSS.  Accommodations are only available after students have registered.  

    127 Pryzbyla Center
    Phone: 202-319-5211 

Instructor Resources

AACSB Guidance