• Step 1: Select Your Classes

    Check your degree requirements and individual progress
    • The generic outline of all Degree Requirements is listed here.
    • You should review your individual progress to see the courses you have completed versus the courses remaining
    Compare your Academic Path to your remaining courses
    Select liberal art/distribution courses from verified options 
    • Freshmen/Sophomores/Juniors: Check the Liberal Arts requirements here.
    • Seniors: Check the Tracking Sheet ("Click to View") options here.
  • Step 2: Meet with Your Advisor

    • Build a visual of your semester schedule using Coursicle (a drag and drop tool).
    • Meet with your Faculty Advisor (listed in Cardinal Success).
    • Meet with your Center for Academic and Career Success advisor (listed in Cardinal Success).
  • Step 3: Enroll on Cardinal Station

    • For registration issues, you must contact the appropriate office:
    • Check and remove any "Holds" on Cardinal Station
    • Mark the day you can register.  This is your Enrollment Appointment.
      • All registration dates are based on your credit-hours completed.
      • Enrollment Appointments are listed by Enrollment Services here.
  • Step 4: Plan for Deadlines

    • All deadlines are listed on the Academic Calendar.
    • You should mark your calendar for the following important deadlines:
      • Add/drop
      • Withdraw
      • Pass/fail
      • Final exam conflicts
  • Resources