The Busch School of Business is the only business school built from the ground up to integrate business and the Catholic faith. Pope Francis wrote that “Business is a noble vocation, provided that those engaged in it see themselves challenged by a greater meaning in life.” Below, we offer Busch School logos, a student style guide, and a powerpoint template for university use.

Please see The Catholic University of America Style Guide for using The Catholic University of America identity system, color palette, and typographic fonts, and how they should be properly applied across all mediums.

Busch School Powerpoint Template

Busch School Style Guide For Students

Busch School Logos

Horizontal Identity Files

  • File Format Usage

    These files can be imported into or opened through page layout and illustration software such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, or Photoshop. Since EPS files are vector art, they offer the highest possible resolution and should be used for high-quality print applications and posters or large-scale graphics.

    These images can be placed in applications such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint, Google Docs, or on websites and social media. The .JPG format is preferred for photographs. It uses a compression algorithm that can reduce large images to very small file sizes, which is well suited for websites and social media. Since .JPG images are bit-map files, they can lose resolution when used at larger sizes and are not able to display with transparent backgrounds in all applications.

    The .PNG format is preferred for posting created images and graphics on websites, apps, and social media. It uses a compression algorithm that reduces file size while retaining sharp lines and solid colors. It results in a slightly larger file size than the .JPG format. Graphic images in the .PNG format can be saved with transparent backgrounds so they blend in with the background color of the website or other digital application in which they appear.