Thank you for expressing your interest in partnering with the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America. Your involvement in the ELEVATE program will create tangible opportunities for students to combine their classroom education with experiential learning that will be applied to innovative workplace solutions. We hope to establish a meaningful relationship with your organization that will positively impact the job ecosystem.

Guiding Principles
  1. Learn: Students have the ability to obtain their degree in Business and graduate within 4 years.
  2. Earn: Students will subsidize their degree by earning at least a minimum wage.
  3. Experience: Through experiential learning, students will compliment their studies and gain professional working knowledge through extended work contracts.
  4. Grow: Students’ work experience will parallel the current market needs, contributing to quality full time placement post-graduation.

Goals for Employers and Students


Organizations will:

  • Select from a 4, 8, or 12 month work contract with opportunities for extensions.
  • Offer options for full time, part-time, or hybrid work schedules depending on needs.
  • Offer options for in-person and/or remote work depending on needs.
  • Interview recommended candidates & have access to coordinator throughout co-op
  • Design a contract that includes payment and performance evaluation. Payment includes at least minimum wage.

Students will:

  • Meet with the designated co-op coordinator to discuss goals and career interests in order to make match recommendations.
  • Apply to specific employer experiences 
  • Enroll in and complete the appropriate number of university courses to graduate in four years.
  • Complete co-op career preparation workshops before the beginning of their co-op experience
    Participate in professional development opportunities and performance evaluations with the coordinator to enhance professional skills.




January 2021

The program begins accepting student applications on a rolling basis. Students are pre-screened based on GPA, work experience, and employer matchability.

February 2021

Employers finalize and post job descriptions on Handshake and the matching process begins.

March 2021

Students are formally accepted into the program and begin to apply to specific co-op experiences.

April 2021

Companies interview and select prospective co-op.

May 2021

Contracts are solidified and on-boarding materials are distributed.

June/July 2021

Students begin career development workshops to prepare for co-op experience and certification track.

August 2021

Start of the fall semester. Students report to their first day of work.