Select Current Research Projects

Cannizzaro, A.P. & Weiner, R.J. (2019) “Uncertain Principals, Opaque Agents? Elections and State-owned MNE Disclosure” (CGIO Best Paper in International Corporate Governance Finalist at the 2019 Academy of Management Annual Meeting).

Cannizzaro, A.P. & Sautet, F. (2019) “Can You Make a Pet of Leviathan? The Implications of State Ownership for the Common Good”.

Refereed Publications

Cannizzaro, A.P. (2019). "Social Influence & MNE Strategic Response to Political Risk: A Global Network Approach". Journal of International Business Studies, pp 1-22. 

Cannizzaro, A.P. and Weiner, R.J. (2018). State ownership and transparency in foreign direct investmentJournal of International Business Studies, 49(2), pp.172-195.

Cannizzaro, A.P. & Weiner, R.J. (2015). Multinational investment and voluntary disclosure: Project-level evidence from the petroleum industryAccounting, Organizations and Society, 42, 32-47.