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Academic Area

  • Finance
  • School

  • Busch School of Business
  • Expertise

  • International corporate financial management
  • Derivatives
  • Financial institutions and markets
  • Emerging capital markets
  • Valuation and risk models
  • Stock price behavior
  • Professor Jamshed Uppal is retired faculty and distinguished research professor in the Busch School who specializes in the financial management area. He received his Ph.D. and M.B.A. degrees in finance from the Michigan State University. Dr. Uppal also holds an M.A. degree in economics and a professional certification in cost and management accounting.

    Before joining the CUA School of Business and Economics, Dr. Uppal taught at Oakland University, Michigan. Additionally, he has extensive professional and business experience.

    Dr. Uppal has taught courses in the areas of international corporate financial management, derivatives, and financial institutions and markets. His research interests cover areas of emerging capital markets, valuation and risk models, and stock price behavior. His publications have appeared in the Journal of Emerging Markets, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Journal of Academy of Finance, Thunderbird International Business Review, the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, and the Financial Review.

    Dr. Uppal seeks to challenge students. In a globalized world, students need to build professional competencies and skills to a level that would provide them with a competitive advantage not only across US campuses but also across countries. Believing that feel all students are capable of achieving excellence, Dr. Uppal provides continuous feedback to students encouraging wide participation in class discussions and projects. He also makes an extra effort to bring in students who might otherwise feel held back by making himself available to students. I am fully committed to student success.

    Effective teaching in business schools requires a deep understanding of business practices and human behavior in organizations. Dr. Uppal has had about fifteen years of executive experience in financial controllership, accounting, and auditing in the private and public sectors. He draws on his experience to make business finance do justice to this applied professional field. He strives to stay current in his field via academic and applied research and professional engagements. He feels that the research should be translatable into insights and knowledge relevant to the students to enrich their learning experience. Therefore, he has focused as much on the applied research as on the theoretical, seeking to find opportunities to translate it for his students.

    Uppal, Jamshed Y. (2023) .Usury, Slavery, and Limited Liability, Journal of Economics, Theology and Religion: Forthcoming.

    Mudakkar, S. R., & Uppal, J. Y. (2023). Identifying Winning Strategies for MFIs by Constructing Structured Mashup Indices. Global Business Review.