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  • Professor Wyrsch is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Busch School of Business, having taught business law courses for many years [1978-present]. He served as an officer in the U.S. Army (3rd Infantry Division), as a Headquarters and Headquarters Company Commander and a Division Procurement /Supply Officer (1967-1969). Following his graduation from law school he worked as a Senior Attorney for the Office of General Counsel, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) (1972-2001). GAO is the major investigative and program assessment agency for the U.S. Congress. During his early years at GAO he specialized in the areas of government budgeting, accounting, auditing and financial matters. For most of his GAO career Professor Wyrsch concentrated in the areas of national security, intelligence, international affairs, and the defense industry. During these years he (1) drafted numerous legal opinions and decisions, and major legally-intensive portions of GAO published reports, (2) testified before Congress, and (3) drafted proposed federal legislation and segments of official congressional reports.

    Professor Wyrsch has taught law school courses for many years: as a Professorial Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University Law School [13 years], and as Distinguished Lecturer at the Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America, both in adjunct [20 years] and full-time [12 years] capacity. He received many teaching awards and recognitions during his years at that Law School (e.g., “Professor of the Year,” Most Supportive Professor”). He also teaches law courses in the American Law Program, which is a program co-sponsored by the Catholic Law School and the Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland).

    Professor Wyrsch and his wife Claire live in Silver Spring, Maryland. They have two children: Kara Anderson, an attorney, and Michael, a career officer in the U.S. Marine Corp as a fighter jet pilot. Michael has recently retired, his last position being a Commander of a F-35B Squadron. For many years he has served in various leadership, volunteer positions in local government, community service, and youth sports organizations.