May 24, 2018

The business world gained 200 new business men and women on May 12, as the Busch School of Business and Economics celebrated the Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2018. Distinguishing themselves through their academic achievements and numerous internships and jobs held during their four years of undergraduate studies, the graduates now excitedly venture out to become a force for good in the world, living out their vocation to business.

David Fisher, valedictorian of the graduating class, began the Diploma Ceremony with a prayer. He reflected on the four principles that are the foundation of Catholic Social Doctrine  and of the Busch School’s vision:human dignity, common good, subsidiarity, and solidarity.

Dean Bowman then addressed the Class of 2018. He reminded the graduates that the focus of a business is the person and not the dollar. He also highlighted the value of work as a source of human dignity, a matter for prayer, and a basis for innovation.  

Michelle Seals was chosen to deliver the Commencement Address to her fellow graduates. In a nod to school patron Tim Busch’s wine-making business, she analogized their journey through the Busch School to the process of making and bottling wine. Seals, who is joining Deloitte Consulting this July, urged her classmates to remember the lessons learned at the Busch School as they ventured out into the business world.

The ceremony concluded with graduate Gabrielle Bernhard offering a prayer on behalf of the Class of 2018, asking God to guide their journeys after graduation.

Watch below to see the Commencement Ceremony for the Busch School Class of 2018.