October 17, 2018
Earlier in September, ten Busch School students and two faculty members went on a road trip to Georgia for an entrepreneurship conference, the Inner City Capital Connections Atlanta. The ICCC provides training and private sector investment opportunities for small business owners in inner cities.

The ten Busch School Students went in conjunction with their entrepreneurship class, which aims to give students real-life experience in helping small to medium size businesses analyze their situation and implement a business strategy.

The Director of Small Business Outreach at the Busch School, Brian Becker, said: “On the way back to DC, several students remarked how many concepts and principles studied in class work for the Entrepreneurship Minor were made tangible throughout the presentations, Q&A sessions, and their individual conversations with attendees.”

These Busch School students will continue their hands-on learning in the upcoming Inner City Alumni Network event in DC, which is co-hosted by the Busch School, and by attending the ICCC culminating National Capital Conference in Boston in November.

Learn more about the incredible work ICCC is doing and the Busch School students involvement.