October 22, 2018

Last week, Matt Birk, former NFL Football player and current CEO of HIKE Foundation, came and spoke to the Busch School of Business students. Jake Marcelino, a business student and football player, shares his thoughts on Birk's lecture. 

He says, "I enjoyed hearing from Matt Birk and how he tied faith and football into his talk. As a football player myself his talk hit home with me, more than any other speakers have, because I could relate to everything he was saying.

The part of his speech I keep thinking about is when he was talking about practice and how you do the same thing every day to improve just the slightest amount. That right there is a great message for life in general when situations get tough, stick to your technique and what you have been taught.

My teammates and I had a discussion about Mr. Birk standing up to President Obama about the abortion issue, and we all agreed that it showed great courage and bravery to stand up for what he believes in." 

Watch the live streamed lecture on Facebook.

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