August 19, 2020
The very first week of college can be exhausting for first year students. It's a big adjustment getting back into that school mentality and thinking critically. Managing your time wisely and trying to wake up for those 9:10 AM Learning Community courses can be difficult. The first week can also be an emotional rollercoaster. From meeting new people and signing up for clubs to missing family and friends back home, new students can feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are plenty of students who have been through this tiring week and are excited to provide some guidance. Mary Kate Shields, a junior Marketing major with a Performing Arts Management minor from West Chester, Pennsylvania, shares her advice below.

What should every college student expect to feel during their first weeks of college?

"Every college student should expect to feel a little nervous, but very excited. Both are totally normal feelings when starting something new and unknown, especially something like college!"

What did you do that helped you establish a routine for yourself?

"I use Google Calendar for everything. I like to include my class, work, and personal schedule all in one place so I'm always on top of appointments and assignments. I also use a written planner which is great for carrying around during classes and writing down all assignments for the week. I'd also suggest to structure time into your day to eat, rest, and work. Designate a certain amount of time for these tasks each day - you'll be working yourself into a routine in no time!"

How did you cope with missing your family?

"I loved to FaceTime my family whenever I was homesick. It's always great to reconnect with them whenever I pick up the phone!"