September 14, 2020

Busch Ambassadors are business students from across academic years and specializations who represent our school and foster a welcoming and engaging environment for prospective students, donors, speakers, and guests.

Check out what past Ambassadors have to say: 

Being a Busch Ambassador has truly opened the doors for me into the business school. Through this program, I have been able to build great relationships and connections with the faculty and staff. To any Bush student that wants to get involved in the business school, I highly suggest applying for the Busch Ambassadors today!” -Alessia Pecorella, Sophomore 
"The Busch Ambassador program has meant a great deal to me, in that it has allowed me to share my experiences, as well as my love for the Busch School with fellow students, prospective students, as well as other individuals.  The relationships and networking opportunities that arise from the Busch Ambassador program are unmatchable.  I strongly encourage my fellow students and friends to apply for the Busch Ambassador Team!" - Jack McCarthy, Junior